How to pronounce interpret

This week’s seminar speaker (German, but currently working in the US) made several interesting pronunciation mistakes. Most notably, he kept pronouncing the verb interpret so incorrectly that I did not even recognize it immediately. To understand what went wrong, we best look at the phonetic spelling. The are actually several pronunciations of interpret that are

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While reading an article about BMW’s Harald Krũger, who apparently fainted on stage at the Frankfurt Auto show but is OK, I noticed that BMW cited “circulation problems” as the cause. The term is a translation of the German expression Kreislaufprobleme. However, circulation problems in English refer to a serious and often lethal condition caused

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When a pair is not a couple

I noticed that quite a few people have trouble correctly using the words pair and couple when referring to two people (married, or otherwise romantically involved). This is not surprising since the difference between pair and couple is quite subtle. From the Oxford English Dictionary, we have pair: two people who are doing something together

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