How to pronounce paralyze and parallelize

At a recent conference, I witnessed a speaker talking about paralyzing various computer codes for better performance. If this sounds confusing, you are absolutely right. The speaker was merely pronouncing the word parallelize incorrectly. The OED includes the following meaning for the verb paralyze: to prevent something from functioning normally and its pronunciation as (listen

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Naughty notifications

While listening to an online lecture about software engineering presented by a German, I noticed a systematic, incorrect pronunciation of the words notify and notification. The correct pronunciations are readily found online, for example in the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary: notify: [ˈnəʊtɪfaɪ] (BE), [ˈnoʊtɪfaɪ] (AE) | listen here notification: [ˌnəʊtɪfɪˈkeɪʃn] (BE), [ˌnoʊtɪfɪˈkeɪʃn] (AE) | listen here

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How to pronounce Linkedin

Linkedin is a widely used platform for online networking. Personally, I believe that part of its popularity is partly due to the fact that it is often accessible at work whereas other social media websites are typically blocked. Regardless of personal opinions regarding the widespread overselling of personal skills and achievements on Linkedin, this post

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