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How to pronounce analysis

The word analysis can be challenging in a number of languages (I remember a few incidents from my first university course on Mathematical analysis). This post is motivated by two occurrences of the same mistake in the last month at work. As with many other English words, the pronunciation of the noun (analysis) differs significantly

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Learn how to pronounce machine

Everybody is talking about machine learning these days, but quite a few of those people pronounce the word machine incorrectly. From way in the past (that is, my youth), I also remember friends making the same mistake when talking about the band Rage against the Machine. The incorrect pronunciation of machine that you can often

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Asterix may be a star, but stars are not asteriks

After having witnessed the same mistake on several occasions in recent weeks, I thought I’d write a post about asterisks.* The mistake I heard was an incorrect pronunciation of asterisk, the typographical name of the symbol “*”. It was pronounced as if it were spelled asteriks (that is, [ˈæstərɪks] instead of [ˈæstərɪsk]). Of course, asterisk

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Charmin(g) pronunciation

The value of toilet paper has apparently increased this year due to the pandemic. Quite recently, I learned that there is an interesting difference in the pronunciation of the brand name Charmin in German commercials, as compared to the original (American) pronunciation. According to various videos and the Wikipedia page, Charmin is originally pronounced as

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How to pronounce pizza

I recently watched a great online course about machine learning from UC Berkeley. The course started pre-COVID19 and included a dinner break for which pizza was ordered in. The fact that the lecturer, who is not a native English speaker, mispronounced pizza motivated me to write this post. As always, things are more interesting than

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Don’t put your money on dice

A remarkably common mistake across many different levels of English speakers is the incorrect use of dice as a singular noun. Even though it may appear to be the other way around, we have the singular die and the plural dice Perhaps it helps you to remember by reminding yourself of the singular-plural pairs mouse-mice

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