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How to pronounce Xmas

Christmas is coming up soon, and most of us are so busy that they can only find time to use the term Xmas instead. First, it seems that only the form Xmas but not X-mas or xmas are acceptable. Moreover, Xmas can be pronounced either as [ˈkrɪsməs] (just like the word Christmas, note that the

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How to pronounce defence/defense

Apart from the different spelling in British (defence) and American English (defense), there are some interesting points to be mentioned about the pronunciation of the word defence. The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary only mentions the pronunciation [dɪˈfens], both for British and American English, listen here. However, in practice, you will also encounter the variant [dəˈfens], as

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How to pronounce copper

The chemical element copper has an enormous number of applications in every-day life and in science. I have noticed that there is a bit of a confusion concerning its correct pronunciation. The correct British pronunciation is [ˈkɒpə(r)], whereas the correct American pronunciation is [ˈkɑːpər], see here. The key difference between these two pronunciations is that

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