Greet your false friend from me!

Greet your false friend from me!

Here are two rather false friends which are quite common among German native speakers.

False friend #1: 

Greet Vienna from us!

This is not the proper English phrase, but a false friend based on the German expression

Grüße Wien von uns!

More generally, the German “jemanden grüßen lassen” translates into the English expression “to send/give someone one’s regards”. In contrast, “to greet someone” means “jemanden (be)grüßen”, and refers to the act of recognising someone’s arrival or entrance with phrases such as “Hello!”.

False friend #2:

Nice weekend!

is not typically used by native speakers. Instead, they would say

Have a nice weekend!

The expression “Nice weekend” is most likely a literal translation of the German expression

Schönes Wochenende!


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