Anglizismen overload

Anglizismen overload

Although I love the English language, I do not appreciate the (unnecessary) overuse of English words in German. Hence, I try to avoid words such as Beamer (Projektor), Handy (Mobiltelefon) or Headset (Kopfhörer).

Today, I overheard two inspiring conversations featuring anglicisms I had not heard before. The first was

Wir können ja wieder disconnecten

referring to the possibility of disconnecting a headset from a phone. The second useless anglicism was

Ich call dich dann später

meaning ‘I will call you later’. In both cases, the conversation was between two native speakers of the German language.

I do enjoy using different languages and hearing non-native speakers speak English. However, I believe that a key language skill is to be able to switch between languages, rather than mixing them up in disturbing ways.


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